CompSci 290.2
Spring 2018
Web Application Development

Help is Available

If you cannot make our office hours, please use email to set up an appointment.

Our goal is simple: to help you learn — both inside and outside the classroom. If you have questions, we want to answer them. We hold office hours just for the purpose of helping you, either one-on-one or in small groups. No matter how busy we may look, during office hours, you have priority over everything else. If you have a problem or question, come by and we can talk about it — do not put it off.

Office Hours

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Alex Gottwald
Old Chemistry room 123
Zachary Marion
Old Chemistry room 123
Robert Duvall
LSRC room D228
Robert Duvall
LSRC room D228
Chengkang Xu
outside LSRC room D344
Christine Zhou
Old Chemistry room 123
Robert Steilberg
Old Chemistry room 123
Robyn Kwok
Old Chemistry room 123

You can bring code on your laptop but having it accessible via our course GitHub organization is best.

Posting to the Bulletin Board

Post any questions you have about the course on the Discussion Board because it is seen by the entire course staff and other students, ensuring a much faster response time that sending us email. The discussion board will be monitored regularly and responses posted to questions that have not previously been answered.

You should also regularly read and contribute to the course discussion board as it is a useful place for posting questions that are likely to be of interest to the rest of the class. You are encouraged to post responses to questions as well as ask them or even share things you think will be useful to your classmates. Before posting a question, please make sure that you have read all previous messages and that your question has not yet been discussed since it is potentially confusing to have two different answers to the same question.

In order to get the fastest possible response, it is important that you are as clear as possible when describing your problem. To this end, include exact error messages or describe steps you already taken. Your post must include evidence of trying to solve the problem yourself before posting. Finally, if you solve your own problem before others respond, please post your solution so others may benefit.

Post as little code as possible in order to describe your problem so as not to give away the solution to your classmates. In many cases, you may be able to post only the single line that is causing the problem. In cases where it is necessary to post more, you may want to replace some parts with comments representing pseudocode if possible. Never post complete functions — indeed, such posts may be considered cheating!. If you are in doubt, post a private message to the instructors.